This is a Triangulate Orb Weaver (Verrucosa arenata). It is also called the Arrowhead Spider for obvious reasons.

Like most orb weavers, the females build a large round web between trees, bushes, your car and your boat, your house and the fence – really anywhere there is an opening in which insects (or your face) might pass through.

Unlike most other orb weavers, this species hangs abdomen down instead of face down.

This spider also commonly is seen with a pink or yellow back.

Did you know 99% of the time if you see a spider in a web it is the female? Very very few species have a male who spins a web to capture prey. If the male eats at all, it usually will stalk its prey or lie in wait to pounce on it, or it will stake out the edges of a female’s web and pick off small meals.

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Nikon D3x, Nikkor 200mm micro f4, ISO100, 1/60, F9, two Sb200 flash heads, tripod

September 2016, Christmas, Florida, USA

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