Helmeted Squash Bug

This spotted beauty is Euthochtha galeator. It is also known as the Helmeted Squash Bug. It is from the family Coreidae or leaf-footed bugs. Which, by the way, don’t all have leafy shaped legs.

I can’t lie, sometimes I do come across arthropods that are considered as pests by farmers and gardeners. But what is a pest to humans, is a feast for other creatures.

Although, these insects do produce a stinky fluid to deter predators, a variety of animals feed on them.
Along with birds, reptiles,and frogs, other arthropods such as mantids, assassin bugs, and spiders eat these crop bugs.

Whether we as humans like it or not, every insect has its place. If we took ourselves out of the equation, these “pests” would be dealt with the way they have been dealt with for millions of years.

Did you note the missing left hind leg? Looks like he had a narrow escape from one of those predators recently!

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Thanks so much guys!

Nikon D3x, Nikkor 200mm micro f4, ISO 200, 1/60, F7.1, two diffused SB200 flash heads, tripod

September 2016, Florida, USA

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