Thread-Legged Assassin

Nice stick insect you say? Look again. This beauty is Emesaya brevipennis – a Thread-Legged Assassin Bug or just Thread-Legged Bug.

As a member of family Reduviidae, this petite little walking stick mimic is quite the hunter. It walks on the middle and rear legs, leaving the front legs free to grasp prey.

Not only do they eat practically any insect they can grab and hang on to, but they will also eat small spiders. In addition, the Thread-Legged Assassin Bug has been known to hang out in spider webs and consume prey caught in the web.

So next time you think you have spotted a tiny stick insect, look closely, those front legs are a clue.

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Nikon D3x, Nikkor 200mm micro f4, ISO100, 1/60, F6.3, two Sb200 flash heads, tripod

September 2016, Christmas, Florida, USA

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