My Hairy Lygus

This little creature is a juvenile Lygus bug. Sorry I don’t know my Lygus bugs well enough to tell them apart. (You can tell it is still a juvenile by the wing nubs. Possibly fourth instar.)

I do know they love my sunflowers. I have seen them on all three varieties. While they have never caused any significant damage to my plants, they can become pests to farmers.

Luckily, there are a number of predators who tend to feed on them while they are still young and juicy. These include parasitic wasps, ladybird beetles, lacewing larvae, crab spiders, and Tachinid flies just to name a few.

So don’t fret. Share a flower or two with the Lygus bugs. The beneficial bugs will be along to help shortly.

Also, if you or anyone you know appreciates the important role of arthropods and would like to get involved on a deeper level and support my photography and conservation efforts, please visit
Thanks so much guys!

Canon 5D Mark II, Canon MP 65mm macro, ISO100, 1/60, F13, ring flash, hand held

August 2016, Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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