Grounding Ourselves

Have I spoiled you too much lately? I have been throwing an embarrassingly large amount of exotic bugs at you since early December.

I think it might be time to come back down to earth and appreciate the simple beauty to be found in some of the less flash species found around us.

Take this moth for instance. It does not have a crazy shape, or a wild face, or any spiny accessories, nor does it do any radical dance moves. It is a brown moth blending in to a brown background. BUT if you give it more than a passing glance, it does have just a hint of purple iridescence if you look closely.

This is the thing I love about macrophotography. There is a hidden world out there. We as the photographers, and the arthropod fans, are members of a secret club to which most people are oblivious.

I want to increase the membership of this club. I want the world to be as obsessed by a small plain moth as I am.

Also, if you or anyone you know appreciates the important role of arthropods and would like to get involved on a deeper level and support my photography and conservation efforts, please visit
Thanks so much guys!

Nikon D3x, Nikkor 200mm micro, ISO100, 1/60, F10, three diffused Sb200 flash heads, tripod

December 2016, Osa peninsula, Costa Rica

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