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As far back as I can remember, I have had a love of nature. It has only been as an adult I have learned the skills necessary to capture that love and wonder, and share it with the world. It is my hope my photographs become a bridge to bring nature and the human race closer. It is not enough to simply capture the beauty and uniqueness of our little planet . For me, it is about being proactive – getting involved and becoming a champion of the Earth. If we do nothing to celebrate and preserve the wonder all around us, what purpose do we really serve? I invite you to browse my photographs. Get to know the little creatures that make up the majority of life on Earth. Maybe next time you lift your foot to squish that pointless, ugly spider, you will instead, take a closer look and discover the bigger-than-life little beauty peeping back at you!

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  1. Thats so cool, hy i just wanna get contact to you iam deing inside to talk to you after i saw your pictures just been a fan of yours.

  2. What do you think of scientists, some of whom are women, who go out catching arthropods and dropping them in alcohol to take back and ID? I had a facebook friend who was female and did this. I forgot to ask if she ever went out with a camera and macro lens. IT would upset me if I met such pple at a nature reserve. THere are also unpleasant pple who force invertebrates to fight and filmthem then put the film on youtube.

    1. I hate that. It really upsets me. I understand to a point about needing to identify arthropods for scientific reasons.
      I think they take too many. To me if a bee, for example, is endangered, multiple collections that involve killing the bee is just silly in my book. Science tech should be at the point now where they should be able to sample DNA without killing the little things.

  3. I have been doing macro pbotogrPhy since autumn 1989 and have accumulated hundreds of slides. I still use mainly slide film but have acquired a 16 megapixcel Sony Nex to experiment with. IN the USA you have a much greater invertebrate fauna and so choice of subjects than we in the UK. I would love see the Apache jumper and Phiddipus species of spiders that exist there.

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